DIY Fairy Jar

Mason jar(s)
Glitter (diamond glitter works best)
Glow stick(s)
Serrated knife

Step 1: Decide which color glitter and glow stick you are going to want in the jar.

Step 2: Cut open the bottom of the glow stick on a towel (as not to get the fluid all over everything; you could also elevate the glow stick on the lid of the jar).

Step 3: Dump the contents of the glow stick into the jar. BE CAREFUL! To my surprise, I found that the inside of the glow stick is in fact, glass.

Step 4: Once you’ve done that, grab the glitter and dump it into the jar on top of the glow stick contents. The amount of glitter is going to depend on the size of your jar, how sparklie you want it, and what glitter you decide on. I used about half of one glitter container I bought. If the glass from the glow stick did not brake upon dumping it into the jar, you can break it now by hitting it with the end of the knife.

Step 5: You can now put the lid on!! Make sure it is on very tight, and shake it up like crazy.

Now that you now know how to make a “fairy in a jar”, you can use them to decorate your childs room at night, a deck outside, the yard, your bathroom when you’re taking that candle lit bath, or whatever else you may think up!